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Most questions can be answered instantly by searching our FAQ

My new GoXtreme action cam is not working

Please check the following steps:

  1. Do you have a micro SD card in the camera? If not, please use one and format it in the camera itself. Warning: formatting the card will erase all the images and data on the card. If you don’t want to lose the images stored in your memory card, try inserting the memory card in another device or in your computer and try downloading any photos stored on it before formatting it with your easypix camera. Please check on our website which kind of memory card does your camera support.
  2. If you have a Micro SD card on your camera, please test if it’s not full or if the camera works with another card. It’s not uncommon that a memory card works in one camera brand/model and not in another. You might be inclined to fault the camera, but in almost all cases comes down to the memory card.
  3. Make sure the camera battery is fully charged. When the DV is off, connect it to the PC via USB cable to charge the battery. Note: When the DV is on, connecting it to the PC will not charge – so if your camera turns on automatically, please turn it off to let it charge.
  4. Please make sure that the battery is inserted correctly into the battery compartment.


Memory cards

It’s important to use a good micro SD card in your camera or you may experience freeze-up or video corruption issues.
Please use microSD cards minimum class6. For 4K action cams minimum U3 class10 micro SD cards are required.


Before using a microSD card for the first time, the card must be formatted inside the camera.
Please insert the card into your GoXtreme action cam and then go to the cam settings to format it.


Micro SD cards are not included.
Recording times are depending on resolution.



WiFi connection – I cannot connect my cam to my tablet/smartphone

After installing the app (Android or iOS version) on your smartphone/tablet try to connect at first the smartphone/tablet with the GoXtreme in a place without WLAN. We suggest you to delete the WLAN password from your smartphone /tablet (or simply turn it off), press once the WiFi button of the camera to turn the WiFi on, and then connect the GoXtreme with your smartphone, using the WiFi settings of your smartphone/tablet. If there is a WLAN close to you, your smartphone may give priority to the WLAN connection instead of to the GoXtreme.

While connecting to DV for the first time, you need to enter a password (which you will find in the manual of the DV). And it will not require typing the code again once connected previously. After connecting, you can open the app (Android or iOS version) on your tablet/smartphone.



Depending on what you use the battery for greatly determines how long the battery will last.

Battery life depends on many different variables, such as operation environment, temperature, video quality, video size, age of battery, number or recharges, quality of memory card, etc.


In case of a new camera, please check if you removed the battery plastic pull tab and if the battery is in the right position.


Battery is not charging

When the DV is off, connect it to the PC via USB cable to charge the battery. Note: When the DV is on, connecting it to the PC will not charge – so if your camera turns on automatically, please turn it off to let it charge.

If the problem persists, please make sure the battery is inserted in the correct orientation and double check for loose USB cable, pressing gently the spot where the cable attaches so that it’s snugly attached. You can also check if it works by using another USB cable, so we can better assist you in finding a solution.

If you charge via a PC, ensure that the PC does not go to sleep or enter standby mode.


Mounts and accessories

You can learn how to use your GoXtreme mounts on the GoXtreme-Action-Cams.com support page.

If you would like to have a complete overview of the GoXtreme extra mounts and accessories please go to the GoXtreme-Action-Cams.com mounts and accessories page.

Please notice that the cameras have different mount connectors. Please get sure that your camera fits the mount that you want to use.


faq_mount_connect_ttip faq_mount_connect_1_4


Remote control

Please check if you removed the battery plastic pull tab.




Please note that the cameras don’t have a stand-by function so the remote control doesn’t turn the camera on. It only turns the camera off, takes pictures and records videos. We don’t use a stand-by mode in our cameras because it uses up the battery time constantly.


Our products have two year warranty counting from the purchase date. To process a warranty claim you will need the purchase receipt. Please keep it for any eventuality.

If you live outside Germany, please contact your local point of purchase to process a warranty claim.

Your warranty will not cover you for accidental damage. This includes any damage to the camera or accessory in general from it being dropped or knocked against anything. Physical damage, such as liquid damage, is not covered under warranty and will void the warranty period for the device.

Intentionally opening up or disassembling your device in any way will void your warranty.



When the camera is inserted in the waterproof case, the case fogs up inside

Fog formation can be avoided if you insert the camera into the Waterproof case in a location where the temperature difference is small, and the air is dry with low humidity.
Since the Waterproof case is sealed when it is closed, if there is high humidity inside the Waterproof Case, fog forms depending on the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the case.
Fog may also form if the lens part of the Waterproof case is exposed to cold air, due to the temperature difference that occurs.


Humid air or water drops trapped inside the housing may condense on the cooler glass lens port and cause fogging. Here is the best way to prevent fogging:

  1. Keep the inside of the housing perfectly dry. Even one water drop can evaporate inside the housing and condense (fog) on the lens port.
  2. Load the camera into the housing in a dry environment, like an air-conditioned room. This will help to avoid trapping humid air inside the housing.
  3. Avoid letting the camera get hot or sit in direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid opening the housing in a humid environment. If you do change the battery between 2-tank dives, make sure you and the camera are dry before opening the housing.
  5. Use an anti-fog solution inside the housing.


To prevent fogging you could also prepare your case in advance:

  1. Clean the inside of the underwater case with a clean soft cloth, to take away any dust or dirt
  2. Add a couple of drops of an anti-fog solution into the casing and spread the solution by shaking softly your case, so the solution will be spread all over the inside of the case, specially covering the lens area.
  3. Pour the excess of solution out.
  4.  With a paper towel, dry the excess of the solution from inside the casing. Be sure to avoid touching (also with the paper) the lens area section.
  5. With the hair drier (cold air), you can blast the inside of your casing, drying the anti-fog solution without creating any lines. Do that for a couple of minutes until it’s totally dry.
  6. Now your casing should have a thin layer of anti-fogging solution in the lens area.
  7. Close the housing together (you can add a silica gel package inside of it) to keep it dry. Just open the case at the moment of using it, taking the silica gel out and putting the camera (together with the anti-fog pads) as fast as possible.


After underwater use, the case must be kept open to avoid condensation or rust.