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Fixing the mounts

GoXtreme case (no lock)

Opening and closing the case:

GoXtreme case (with lock)

Opening and closing the case:

360° Wrist mount

Please note: Don’t forget to lock the mount after adjusting your camera position!

Dog mount

Bodyboard mount

Flexi clamp mount

Helmet mount with band

Helmet mount with band (tripod socket + T tip)

Option 1: By binding the band inside the helmet:

Option 2: No binding needed:

Helmet mount with sticker

Surfboard mount – Version 1

Surfboard mount – Version 2

Option 1:

Option 2:

Suction cup mount

Chest mount

Head strap mount

Bike mount (tripod socket + T tip)

Bike mount

WiFi Pro case and mount

Opening and closing the case:

Removing (end exchanging) the case backdoor:

How to fix and remove the sticker mounts:

How to fix the ttip adaptor for other optional GoXtreme mounts:

WiFi Speed / WiFi View case

Opening and closing the case:

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